About Our Products

Collaborating with Artisans and Artisan Vendors

Chavac Boutique began with a collaboration with Tijuana artisans. These artisans are a small family located in Tijuana with the main artisan originating from Guerrero. Although they have a set contact person, we maintain a direct collaborative relationship with this artisan family. 

As we expanded during the pandemic to provide huaraches, the vendor we were able to video chat with was based in Guadalajara. This Guadalajara vendor is an all women ran huaracheria bodega. They source their materials and make some their huaraches in Guadalajara. Recently, they have had to outsource the making of the huaraches to Michoacán. 

It is important to ensure that all collaborations are done through fair trade, in an ethical manner, by building a solid relationship and communication with the artisans and vendors. 

Product Descriptions

Chavac Boutique makes every effort possible to ensure the product's description, the colors, and details, are displayed as accurately as possible. Due to picture lighting differentials and sources, and or filter settings, we are unable to guarantee that the color you see on your monitor reflects the exact color of the product.

  • Since these artisan bags are made of genuine leather and are handmade, the leather may reflect natural blemishes such as scars, scratches, wrinkles, and markings. These variations are normal in leather, and should not be considered as a defect
  • Note that any miniature bags are hand painted and may vary in decoration.
  • For long-lasting leather goods protect them from getting wet and prevent prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat
  • Leather usually starts to soften in about 2-3 weeks of wear. As a natural product, wear and tear are common over time

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